Online Study Program
Online Study Program

Online Study Program

The Latin Jam™ Workout Online Study Program will give you the necessary tools to begin your career as an instructor. A Latin Jam™ training Certification is an instructional review of Latin Jam™ Certification Standards, exercise evaluation, and certification exam criteria. Attendees will spend a total of 24 hours in 12 Weeks in an instructional environment. During this time, the attendee will learn about the various aspects of what it takes to become a certified Group Fitness Instructor with Latin Jam Workout™.



FIRST STAGE Analyze and study of the program.

 You will gain instant access to your online course materials. Study at your own pace, when and where you want.

All participants must understand the content and the criteria needed for proper teaching of the LATIN JAM™ workout class.


Each topic covered will be considered and analyzed in-depth, realizing that this information will serve as the basis of an instructor's career; it will help each participant acquire the detailed knowledge and performance needed for teaching the LATIN JAM™ workout class.


SECOND STAGE Complete Quizzes

 We offer 4 practice quizzes to help you prepare for your final exam.


LATIN JAM workout wishes to provide the necessary tools and techniques required for the improvement and understanding of the program. Its purpose is to create a well-rounded concept that has competitive and highly trained instructors teaching LATIN JAM™ workout.


THIRD STAGE Group Training.

Working together is key. The contributions of all participants are respected as we know that the exchange of ideas help promote a discussion about technical methods and applications while enhancing the learning process both independently and collaboratively. Group work is one of the most important factors in Latin Jam because we think that it is important to a close connection with others who share the same career as you! It also provides an idea of what an Instructor Boot Camp training will be like. It also helps break that silence barrier.


Once you submitted all of your course quizzes and you complete the 12-Weeks of training you will gain access to the final examination.


COURSE EVALUATION Practical Examination: This exam includes the verification of participant’s comprehension of the program. The participant must demonstrate their knowledge in a reflective, autonomous, professional, and practical form.

Written exam: The written exam tests and measures the participant’s understanding of the manual content and fundamental requirements of the program.



  • Early registration.
  • Self-study before program and group exercise teaching experience
  • The Practical Skills & Choreography workshop is a useful precursor.
  • Current CPR certification required before certification is issued.



100% refund of Latin Jam Instructor Workshop program cost (plus applicable taxes) if you cancel your program enrollment at least 14 days before your scheduled workshop date.


There is a $25 cancellation fee if you cancel your Latin Jam Instructor Workshop program enrollment fewer than 14 days from your workshop date


There is a $50 "no show fee" if you do not show up to your scheduled Latin Jam Instructor Workshop, and either reschedule your workshop or cancel your program enrollment entirely.

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The Latin Jam™ Workout Online Study Program will give you the necessary tools to begin your career as an instructor.

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